Caleo Foundation is a small Non-Profit Organisation established in Switzerland with inflamed passion for nature, wildlife, art and medical research. With some projects Caleo Foundation may help to make the world a better place. 

Caleo Foundation Switzerland

The CALEO Foundation is a Non-Profit Organisation which was established by Mrs Carmen Elvira Ellinger in Bellikon/Switzerland in 2004 with the purpose to preserve wildlife and nature and to support art.

Carmen Elvira Ellinger discovered her passion for animals, nature and the performing arts from a young age. Carmen Elvira Ellinger was always inspired to contribute towards the greater good of society and created a philanthropic portfolio that honored the memory of her husband, Dr. Leopold Ellinger.


Dr. Leopold & Carmen Ellinger Foundation

Dr. Leopold & Carmen Ellinger Foundation was established and settled by the estate of the late Dr. Leopold Ellinger in 2001 who died in 1999 on the consequences of the operation of cardiac illness. The Dr. Leopold & Carmen Ellinger Foundation has as its purpose the medical research notably for cardiac illnesses and has supported projects at the Tulane University on fat stem cell research as well as at the Paul Scherrer Institute for cancer research on the Proscan Project. Currently, the Dr. Leopold & Carmen Ellinger Foundation is involved with the University of Cape Town on a student programme in collaboration with UCT, the University of Santiago (Chile), University of California (Berkeley) and Standford University.


Caleo Foundation South Africa

Carmen Elvira Ellinger has held a keen interest in research and development work in South Africa and spends much of her time in Cape Town. In 2012 the Foundation Council resolved to set up an external company of the CALEO Foundation in South Africa, with the specific objectives of protecting threatened ecosystems and the wildlife in the Western Cape.


Purchase of Sanbona Wildlife Reserve

In July 2015 Caleo Foundation South Africa purchased Sanbona Wildlife Reserve. Based on the mission of the Foundation Sanbona is introducing Cape mountain zebras in their original habitat in the southern part of Sanbona and is involved to bring back black rhinos into the original habitat of the Little Karoo.


Purchase of the concession of Jock Safari Lodge

In October 2015 effectively Caleo Foundation South Africa as well purchased the concession of the Jock Safari Lodge within the Kruger Park. The goal is together with the San Park authorities to fight against the poaching of rhinos which occur unfortunately frequently in the Kruger Park. Caleo Foundation has financed special anti-poaching vehicles and is working closely together with the San Park authorities for the protection of the concession.