Jock Safari Lodge

Nestled at the confluence of the Mitomeni and Biyamiti rivers at the southern tip of the world famous Kruger National Park, the legend lives on the story of an intrepid explorer, Sir Percy Fitzpatrick and his trusted dog, Jock. The lodge is situated on 6 000 ha of pristine bushveld 35 kilometers from the Malelane Gate on the southern border of Kruger Park on the N4 Highway to Mozambique.

The lodge has been built to the most stringent eco-management criteria in South Africa, audited by Kruger National Park and DEAT (Department of Environment and Tourism) on a bi-annual basis. An arial survey has shown the true damage that off-road driving has done to the environment in the past. Jock Safari Lodge has a 100% commitment in maintaining a low impact upon the footprint that is Jock in order to remain true to the overall conservation ethic of the Caleo Foundation and in order to preserve this unique heritage for future generations.