White Lions

Declared extinct in the wild in the 1990s, Sanbona is part of an ethical conservation project to reintroduce white lions. Recently, the first white lion cubs were born in the wild at Sanbona. Apart from being fair-haired, white lions are genetically no different to their tawny siblings and are usually born in the same litter.

It has been ‘a long walk to freedom for Sanbona’s White Lion’s’. 

Jabulani and Queen were bought in 2003. On arrival at Sanbona they spent over a year acclimatizing in a large boma and as proof of their comfort they gave birth to three beautiful cubs on 18 May 2004. The family flourished under the careful supervision of the Sanbona Wildlife Department. They were only fed wild game and have not been subjected to any interference from the human race. 

A carefully thought out, scientific programme has been followed to ensure the success of the project of introducing the White Lions back to the wild at Sanbona.

Today white lions are part of Sanbona's wildlife.

White Lions